Trying to Be As Normal As Possible with Nerve Damage

I had all kinds of tests to try and figure out what was causing my pain. I had CT scans, MRIs, x-rays and ultrasounds. A gastroenterologist looked up from my bottom and down from my top with cameras. I have nerve damage from diabetes, but it is made worse by pressure on nerves in my back. That is why I went to a Sacramento chiropractor. I was sent to a neurologist after nerve involvement was finally established as the likely cause. However, I did not want any surgeries or having to take pills for it.

The nerves in my body have been damaged by years of diabetes. However, they were made worse because of spinal misalignment and extra pressure on some of the nerves at their root. Relieving that stress helped me regain a lot of freedom of movement and increased normalcy in bodily functions. I have seen people a lot worse. I just had cervical issues where I had tingling in my right ear and on the right side of my head along with some moderate sciatic pain. Okay, maybe the sciatic pain would get above moderate, but at least it was not constant. My back would hurt so bad in the morning that climbing stairs was an adventure. Even though I still had plenty of muscle strength to do the task, the pain made me barely able to get up the steps.

The chiropractic therapy helped me get as good as I could be with the other nerve damage I had. It is possible to improve from nerve pain. In my case, being caused by diabetes, I needed good control of blood glucose for the long term. The chiropractic treatments helped me with immediate relief and letting me have the best functionality and range of motion I was able to achieve with the damage that was there. Plus, it promoted healing from the inflammatory damage caused by pressure on the nerves.