The Thought of Moving So Far Away Scared Me at First

I have lived my whole life in one state. I have visited a small number of nearby states, but I have never ventured far. I have only flown once, and it was only a 20 minute flight. When a position became available in the company I work for, I was hesitant to apply for it. It involved moving to Texas to head up a department there. My wife was all for it and so were the kids. I wasn’t, but we started looking at apartments for rent in Fort Worth TX in case I got the job.

Our daughter was really excited, because she wanted to go to college in Texas. That was several years away, but it was part of the reason I wanted the promotion. Someone has to pay for that education. Our son was looking forward to year round summer, as he called it. He liked the winter where we lived about as much as cats like swimming. I must admit that the thought of Texas weather was appealing to me too. I just never made a big decision about moving far away before. I was worried about everything from finding a new dentist to getting a new garage to fix our cars.

My wife showed me some really nice apartments for rent in Fort Worth TX. They are pet-friendly with two Bark Parks, and they have a saltwater swimming pool with a waterfall. Our apartment would be 3-bedrooms with a big laundry room with plenty of utility shelving. We could finally have a washer and dryer in our apartment. Our place we were living at was too small. The more I learned about the apartments and the area we would be moving to, the more excited I became. It took me some time, but I got on board with the prospect of moving. I think my enthusiasm actually helped me in the interviews to get the position.