My Apartment Now is Much Bigger

I was not happy with where I was living. The location was okay, but the apartment was so small that I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. I knew that I needed to find a bigger place as soon as my lease was up. Those next six months were long and hard, but I got through them, mainly because I knew that I was going to move into the Grand Prairie Texas apartments as soon as my lease was up. I had plenty of time to look at other apartments during those six months, and the Grand Prairie apartments were by far the nicest of all that I had looked at.

I know that a lot of people care about what all comes with an apartment as far as community amenities are concerned, but I honestly just wanted to know that the next apartment I called home would not feel like I was living in a shoe box. I couldn’t even say that I was living in a studio apartment, because it was not labeled as such, and I think studio apartments are actually bigger anyway! So, I looked at a lot of different apartment complexes, and I really liked the 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment that I found at Crossings at McDonough.

I went from living in a small one bedroom apartment to living in an apartment that basically has six rooms plus a balcony and utility room for laundry. The other rooms are the dining room, the living room, the sunroom, my bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. The balcony runs along the length of my bedroom and is only accessible that way, which I really like. It feels like it is about three times as big as my former apartment, but it is probably only twice as big. Perception is everything though!