Looking for a Small Home in Denver

I got out of college a couple of years ago and pretty quickly I got myself a very good job working in Information Technology for a large insurance company. I had a plan and it did not really bother me to pay my Mom a couple hundred dollars to rent out the loft above her garage. Of course the plan was to get a place of my own, starting out with a really small house that I could afford. A question that pops up now is whether or not a Denver realtor is going to be an essential part of the process. Of course it is not without reason that the entire concept of a realtor exists, there is a great deal of trouble when it comes to getting a house. The big thing obviously is dealing with the bank, which is not going to be handing out mortgages like they were candy. They want to make you jump through a few burning hoops and it is not going to be easy to manage it unless you have a great grasp of the process.

I have a big enough down payment for a really small house, at least the one that I am looking at which has a few things wrong with it. There needs to be more money put in it to make it really cozy. In fact it is pretty old and both the bathrooms and the kitchen look as though they were designed in the distant past. I really like the place, but I am trying to figure out if there is a way to get a decent sized pool table on the second floor of the place. In fact the second floor is not very roomy because of the rooflines, which make it so a fully grown man can only stand up in the center part of the room.