Keeping an Archive of Evidence

I suspected that one of my friends was a thief. One day some of my cash and jewelry went missing and I couldn’t find it no matter where I searched. When I asked my friend if he had seen it, he said no, but I had a feeling that he was lying to me. The next time I saw him, he had new clothes. He always keeps his Instagram account private, even to his friends, and I figured that there might be some kind of clue on there. To access his account, I had to hack Instagram.

As I looked at the photos in my friend’s account, everything seemed normal. He just had pictures of himself with people and pictures of his room. For a second, I started to think I had been wrong about my friend and was thinking the worst about him for no reason. Then I found one photo of his room where on his desk was a stack of cash surrounded by my jewelry. It was just lying there like it was his. He posted a caption with the photo saying that he was going to exchange the jewelry for cash and buy some new clothes with it.

I was furious when I saw what my friend had posted. I was ready to go punch him in the face and rip the clothes right off his back. I calmed down and sent pictures of the Instagram post to the authorities to let them sort it out. Apparently my friend had done something similar to this in the past with someone else. They say he has a bit of a problem where he steals things and can’t help but create evidence detailing his crimes. His parents had to deal with this before, but no one else ever knew because they kept it a secret.