I Wanted to Live Closer to Work

I wanted to go to http://www.liveatparkwaysquare.com/ and learn everything I could about Parkway Square before I actually took the time to drive to Tallahassee to look at it in person. My friend had driven past it not long ago and told me that it looked really nice, plus it had a sign out saying that there are rentals available. She knew that I had been hoping to move closer to where I work, but I did not know the area well at all. I just drive in to work, then I drive home. I don’t stop anywhere, so I wasn’t all that familiar with what was in the general area.

I was getting tired of the long drive though, and I knew that I would be happier if I could find a nice apartment that would make my commute time much more pleasant. That was not hard to do since I was driving 45 minutes just one way. She told me that Parkway Square is only a few minutes from where I work, and it is in a great section of town too. I wanted to see what the floor plans and amenities were like before I committed myself to anything though.

That is why I went to the website, and I was really impressed with what I saw. I was able to look at pictures, floor plans, lists of both the community amenities as well as the apartment amenities, and even information about the area itself. They really want people to live there, which is obvious since they offer so much. There is a pool, fitness center, tennis and volleyball courts and so much more, and that is just the athletic things to do there. I drove by the following day, and just had to stop. I went on a tour, and I knew that I was going to move there even before I filled out the application to make it official.