I Like the Florida Weather So Much I Wish We Moved Here Years Ago

My brother-in-law who has lived in Florida for about a decade told us we should make our move in the middle of summer. He told us that the snow birds all go back north when it gets hot, so feeling the heat right off the bat would start to acclimate us faster. He and his wife helped us a lot in searching for apartments in Tallahassee Florida that would let us bring our two show dogs. They are family to us, and we probably have more invested in them than a lot of couples have in their kids!

The main reason we were moving was because of the heat. I needed it. Years of nerve damage had affected my thermoregulatory system. In short, my body temperature could go hypothermic on a cold day, and it was quite painful. I enjoyed the warmth, but it did take some time to get used to the humidity. My wife did just fine. She was able to find cool spots to read and relax inside and out. A big smile was on my face one January day six months after moving to Tallahassee when I realized I was outside with our dogs in a short-sleeved shirt and not freezing. Where we used to live I would be wearing a parka and shivering just to be outside for a few minutes.

Yes, Florida had me hooked. The couple of months of really hot weather beats the almost nine months of cool to frigid temps back where we moved from up north. There was nothing about the move that we did not like. We really enjoyed every day at our apartment. The pool, the washer and dryer in the apartment and so much more made it our home. It was nice that I could even swim again. I need the water to be nice and warm before I can slowly get in and acclimate myself.