I Am Now a Vegas Resident

Vegas was a place I always wanted to visit, but I never dreamed of living there. I was content in my small town in Pennsylvania, but that was only until I went to vacation with a few friends. I fell in love with the bright lights and all the excitement, and I started to seriously consider moving there once I returned home from the long weekend there. I put out some feelers to see how the job market was there, and then I started looking at apartments in Summerlin for Las Vegas NV.

I know that might seem pretty severe for someone who had only been there one time, but I really had nothing to hold me to my home or job in Pennsylvania. The friends I went to Vegas with didn’t live close to me, and we all just met there for our long weekend. I really did not care what anyone thought about my spontaneity because I knew that I was doing something that would make me happy. Not only did I find a job at the hospital there that pays quite well, but I also got a very impressive signing bonus.

That only left finding a great apartment because I refused to live somewhere where I was not happy. That was easy enough when I found Palms at Peccole Ranch. Everything at the apartment was so much better than the apartment I left behind on the east coast, and I just felt that everything was coming together too smoothly for this to not be the right move for me. I have a one bedroom apartment, a garage to park my car in, a great job, and I even have fun things to do when I am not at work, like go swimming or play games with my neighbors at the clubhouse. Life is definitely better now that I am a Vegas girl!