Developers Care About the Created Apps

All my life, I dreamed of working in mobile app development. I had a lot of app ideas that I couldn’t wait to make into reality. After working as a freelance app creator, I was asked to join a team of app creators with an app company in California. After reviewing the company and the types of apps they created, I took the job offer.

I was allowed to work from home, which was important to me. I only had to visit the company building once a month for staff meetings. The great thing about that was that it was like a monthly all paid vacation to California. The company would fly me in and put me in a hotel, all paid for by them. Most of the time, I just stayed with friends who lived in California. It really was like a couple of days a month vacation, the only difference was I got paid to be there and I learned a lot more about my job and the apps we created.

The deadlines that the company faced were never an issue either. If an app had a deadline of May 31st, the company would make sure that the app was done 20 days before that. This was more for the company to preview the final draft so if they found an issue, we could fix it before the app launched officially. We beta tested the app prior for bugs, but you never really know what a company might want to change or find to expand on.

Being on time and being perfect with the presentation of the apps were always a number one priority for the app world. We didn’t want to have our name attached to an app that was underwhelming. The app company I worked for always did a great job of hiring people that really cared about the product and didn’t rush produce anything.