Comng Home Has Been So Great

When I was invited to a teaching position at McDonough Christian Academy, I felt like I had come full circle. I grew up in the area and went to that school myself before moving away to go to college in Florida. My teachers there made such an impact that I became a teacher myself, and I stayed in touch with several of them. When an opening became available, several recommended me for the position, and I did get it. I started looking at apartments for rent in McDonough GA online before even moving there, because I was just so excited about it.

I got even more excited when I found a great apartment that is less than seven miles from the Academy. I knew that I did not want to have to travel far because my last job had spoiled me since I was able to walk to work from where my apartment was. Having to drive less than ten minutes though was not a hardship at all, especially with the really nice apartment I was able to get. I have more room than I need, and it is very affordable too.

I know that a lot of apartments usually have one selling point, like a really nice view from a balcony or a separate dining area along with countless amenities. This place put all those to shame though. Not only do I have a gorgeous view from my large balcony, but I am able to see the same view from my sunroom. I have a separate dining room, a large bathroom, a huge closet, plenty of room in the living room, and my own laundry room. There is nothing that I need that I do not have here. I knew coming back home would be great, but I had no idea just how great.