Brewed with Her Own Hands

A friend of mine who is a big coffee drinker was having a birthday, and I wanted to get her the perfect present. She always likes to go to the coffee shop and pay for a big cup of coffee, while eyeing the coffee grounds they have for sale. I thought it would be a great idea to go to the Cuppabean website and get her a Nespresso machine so she could make her own coffee with ease. The pods that a Nespresso machine uses would take out all of the difficulty that can come with making the perfect cup of coffee.

I know that every coffee drinker isn’t the same when it comes to the kind of coffee that they like to drink. Some like to have it a bit darker, while others want their coffee lighter and sweeter. That’s why the machine that I chose for my friend was a great present, because it allows her to make any kind of coffee she wants on any given occasion. It has timers and temperature settings to control the coffee output and can make multiple cups before a refill is needed.

When my friend opened the present that I got her, she was thrilled to see it, and couldn’t wait to start making some coffee. Then it occurred to me that I had forgotten something. I didn’t get any coffee to go with the machine. My friend didn’t mind, because she just put some water in the machine and let it make hot water. Later on, she went to the coffee shop and bought some of their coffee grinds and put them in a refillable pod and put it in the Nespresso machine. To my friend, this was the best cup of coffee that she ever tasted, because she made it herself.