A Video to Help My Sales Increase

I have a retail store where business has always been very good. This is because I am very interactive with my customers, and I make shopping here very fun for them. I decided that I was going to start a new service where if they watched videos of different things that are on sale for any given month, they may just get a really nice discount on one item if they can answer a question about the video during their checkout. I knew I needed to do a search for video production in Singapore because while I really liked this idea, it was a bit beyond what I am able to create on my own.

I selected ten items to be showcased in the first video, and I figured it would be easier to make it a cartoon type rather than use real people in it. I was able to find a great video production company that had rates that were very agreeable to me. What made me choose this company is that I was able to look at some videos they had already done, and I was impressed. I was even able to see some animated ones, and I knew instantly that I had chosen the right company.

I told the person I spoke with my vision, and they showed me a number of different animated characters that I could choose from. When I saw the family characters, I knew they would be a hit with the majority of my customers. This video production company created a stellar video for me, and it was interesting to watch because they made it very current and fun. I then picked out a few questions for the clerks to ask, and this idea has been a huge hit. Our bottom line is up, and I am looking forward to creating new videos in this same format.