Monthly archives: April, 2017

Comng Home Has Been So Great

When I was invited to a teaching position at McDonough Christian Academy, I felt like I had come full circle. I grew up in the area and went to that school myself before moving away to go to college in Florida. My teachers there made such an impact that I became a teacher myself, and I stayed in touch with several of them. When an opening became available, several recommended me for the position, and I did get it. I started looking at apartments for rent in McDonough GA online before even moving there, because I was just so excited about it. (more…)

Keeping an Archive of Evidence

I suspected that one of my friends was a thief. One day some of my cash and jewelry went missing and I couldn’t find it no matter where I searched. When I asked my friend if he had seen it, he said no, but I had a feeling that he was lying to me. The next time I saw him, he had new clothes. He always keeps his Instagram account private, even to his friends, and I figured that there might be some kind of clue on there. To access his account, I had to hack Instagram.

As I looked at the photos in my friend’s account, everything seemed normal. He just had pictures of himself with people and pictures of his room. For a second, I started to think I had been wrong about my friend and was thinking the worst about him for no reason. Then I found one photo of his room where on his desk was a stack of cash surrounded by my jewelry. (more…)

My Apartment Now is Much Bigger

I was not happy with where I was living. The location was okay, but the apartment was so small that I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. I knew that I needed to find a bigger place as soon as my lease was up. Those next six months were long and hard, but I got through them, mainly because I knew that I was going to move into the Grand Prairie Texas apartments as soon as my lease was up. I had plenty of time to look at other apartments during those six months, and the Grand Prairie apartments were by far the nicest of all that I had looked at.

I know that a lot of people care about what all comes with an apartment as far as community amenities are concerned, but I honestly just wanted to know that the next apartment I called home would not feel like I was living in a shoe box. (more…)

Professional Commercial Paving in Nassau County NY

I recently purchased a 100 room hotel in Long Island. Renovation of this property will be a big undertaking that desperately needs to be done. I already have contractors in place for the renovation of the rooms within the hotel. Now I need to find a contractor that does paving in Nassau County NY. After a quick internet search and several phone calls, I believe I have found the company that can meet my expectations for fixing or reconstructing the parking lot, pool deck area, and sidewalks.

They quickly set up a consultation for that same day. We met at the property and I showed them around explaining what I hoped to accomplish. After showing them my concerns we all sat down and started discussing a plan of action to accomplish everything in the shortest amount of time possible. We decided to repave the parking instead of fixing numerous areas of concern. (more…)

Started to Look for a New Place to Live

I really enjoyed living with my friends while it lasted and while it was convenient to the way I was living. While I was finishing school I was working late nights and then we would party until early in the morning and sleep until afternoon. Now I have got my certification and I am working the early shift at the hospital. Of course I can not fault those guys for doing the same thing I was doing a few weeks ago, but I have to look for Old Town Scottsdale apartments for rent right now and try to figure out how to manage the cost as best as I can. (more…)

Consolidating Two Households into One

I am the type of person who will always try to make a delicious lemonade when life tosses lemons my way. Sometimes, that approach does not work, but it usually does. When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I knew that our lives were about to change. She and her daughter were living in a small two bedroom apartment, and I had an even smaller house that I was renting. I immediately started looking at 3 bedroom apartments in Florissant MO because I knew that she was going to need a lot of support for the next year or so.

We are really close, and I knew she would want me with her every step of the way. Plus, her daughter would need a ton of support too because she was only nine years old when her mom was diagnosed. (more…)

The Thought of Moving So Far Away Scared Me at First

I have lived my whole life in one state. I have visited a small number of nearby states, but I have never ventured far. I have only flown once, and it was only a 20 minute flight. When a position became available in the company I work for, I was hesitant to apply for it. It involved moving to Texas to head up a department there. My wife was all for it and so were the kids. I wasn’t, but we started looking at apartments for rent in Fort Worth TX in case I got the job.

Our daughter was really excited, because she wanted to go to college in Texas. That was several years away, but it was part of the reason I wanted the promotion. Someone has to pay for that education. (more…)

Looking for a Small Home in Denver

I got out of college a couple of years ago and pretty quickly I got myself a very good job working in Information Technology for a large insurance company. I had a plan and it did not really bother me to pay my Mom a couple hundred dollars to rent out the loft above her garage. Of course the plan was to get a place of my own, starting out with a really small house that I could afford. A question that pops up now is whether or not a Denver realtor is going to be an essential part of the process. Of course it is not without reason that the entire concept of a realtor exists, there is a great deal of trouble when it comes to getting a house. The big thing obviously is dealing with the bank, which is not going to be handing out mortgages like they were candy. (more…)

Trying to Be As Normal As Possible with Nerve Damage

I had all kinds of tests to try and figure out what was causing my pain. I had CT scans, MRIs, x-rays and ultrasounds. A gastroenterologist looked up from my bottom and down from my top with cameras. I have nerve damage from diabetes, but it is made worse by pressure on nerves in my back. That is why I went to a Sacramento chiropractor. I was sent to a neurologist after nerve involvement was finally established as the likely cause. However, I did not want any surgeries or having to take pills for it.

The nerves in my body have been damaged by years of diabetes. However, they were made worse because of spinal misalignment and extra pressure on some of the nerves at their root. Relieving that stress helped me regain a lot of freedom of movement and increased normalcy in bodily functions. I have seen people a lot worse. I just had cervical issues where I had tingling in my right ear and on the right side of my head along with some moderate sciatic pain. Okay, maybe the sciatic pain would get above moderate, but at least it was not constant. (more…)